15 Things You MUST Know When Living in Delray Beach

Dated: November 30 2020

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Every day over 1000 people are relocating or moving to Florida - so the probability you'll end up in a place like here in Delray Beach Florida is good.


That’s why I'm sharing with you the top 15 things that will help you become an expert before living in Delray Beach…


First up are our low taxes. Some folks are coming in from the northeast like New York, Connecticut, New Jersey where taxes are high. Some of the states are starting to enact a wealth tax. That means if you want to leave those states the government is going to charge you a “exit fee” to get out of there. That’s in part a big reason why folks are leaving there for the sunshine state.


Here in Florida, our sales tax is 7%. Places like Seattle are 9% or 10%. California is about 8.75 and up the Northeast taxes are in the 8% - 9% range. So, 7% in Florida is pretty good.


Property tax in Florida 1.295%. By comparison San Diego about 1.9% and New York 1.95%. In Delray Beach we have lots of sunshine and beaches. We have low taxes, and also, we have no state income tax - one of five states. If you move and bring your income into Florida, considered it’s about a raise of 5% without having income tax. It’s a prudent move.


Number two is the differentiation of high versus low season. High season is the winter - November through April. Low season is the summer - May through October. The difference is in high season we triple our population. So, driving is more congested - you want to give yourself a lot of extra space. We have retired folks and snow- birders who come here and jam our roads. Restaurants are packed. Weekend grocery stores are packed. But in summertime it becomes a ghost town. Everyone leaves. The rain arrives, the heat and the humidity increases. Folks head out of town as hurricane season comes.  Restaurants and the roads open up and we get our city back.


Next is our outdoor fitness and sports. If you're a biker take A11 along the beach. You can ride all the way up and down A1A and see billionaire row. Weekends are packed with groups of bike teams and clubs. If you want to take a mountain bike out to some of the parks out west, we have those too. Or you can get on a boat and cruise lakes. There’s the beach for surfing, outdoor volleyball. If you prefer yoga or a gym, they’re all throughout town. Delray is known for fitness.


Number four is our tropical fruit. If you like smoothies, mangoes grow like crazy here – we have orchards of mangoes. If you want papaya or bananas – this is the tropics.

I personally have 12 different papaya trees on my property and five banana trees. So, if you love smoothies, fresh fruit, or the sensation of year-round summer… this is it.


Number five is The Boys Farmers Market. Delray Beach has its own green market in downtown at the old school square during the high season. But if you've never been to The Boys Market, which is on Military Avenue… oh my. For those people looking for exotic products, they have cheeses, chocolates, fresh fruit, coffee’s, fish. They have everything from wine, beer, and organics. On weekends it's packed so arrive early.


Next is Fourth of July! Delray puts on one of the coolest parties. W take Atlantic Avenue and shut down about 80%. There are all day live bands, and craft or people come from all over the country. At night, we have a barge platform several hundred yards from shore where they shoot fireworks. We literally get tens of thousands of people from all over Palm Beach and South Florida come to Delray. Make sure you visit Delray Beach on Fourth of July.


Seventh: Delray Beach is pet friendly. There’s the Old School Square in downtown Delray Beach where a lot of people bring their dogs. On Wednesday nights the drum bands play or weekends when the green market is going, you’ll see dogs everywhere.


Welcome to number eight - our scrub areas. They're like parks or little Wildlife Reserve areas where you can bring your bike, cruise and just get away from the hustle and bustle. Make sure you bring your camera because you'll see birds, iguana’s or perhaps an alligator. If you want to get away and go out into nature, Delray has lots of places for you to get away.


Number nine… Beer. There's beer everywhere here in South Florida. Now, Delray doesn't have a lot of breweries, those are in Lake Worth, Boynton and Boca which surround us. But there's one brewery in Delray Beach, Saltwater Brewery, who is ocean conscientious. They want to protect our ocean, beaches and mammals. So instead of packaging their six packs with plastic six pack holders, they created an edible six pack holders so when its trash goes in the ocean, it's edible for the animals. We love our ocean!

Number 10 is of course our beaches. Delray Beach is known for our beautiful white sand beach. Our primary beaches about a mile and a quarter long. If you want to get your toes sandy, get salt on your body and just have a good time in the sun. You can snorkel to the underwater shipwreck, kite board, snorkel or paddleboard. You can also surf. In winter months, we get some unbelievable surf for you surfers. Our beaches in Delray are some of the finest of Florida.

Delray Beach surf


And now - our weather. It’s simple. January, February and March it’s nice, warm and no humidity. April starts to turn and in May the thunderstorms arrive and it rains a lot. June, through October it gets hot and humid. This is hurricane season. November it begins to cool off into December. Weather feels comfortable again and then goes right back to January.


If you like the tropics, wearing flip flops and shorts… come to Delray.


Number 12 is our fish. We have Mahi Mahi and all sorts of snapper. We have Barrel Fish, Tile Fish – and in different colors. We have Grouper. If you've never had Grouper, it’s one of the finest you’ll ever eat. There’s black Grouper, red Grouper, snowy or strawberry Grouper, and scamp Grouper. (My family lived in Costa Rica for 15 years and we used to eat fish all the time - fresh cut tuna and other daily catch. But when we moved to Florida and started eating fish here… grouper hooked us! I am telling you it is some of the finest delicious scrumptious moist fish you've ever had).


And the best place to get it is it Captain Clays.


Number 13 is Delray’s rich history. Lots of folks don't think of Florida when they think of history. But I'll tell you it has lots of history and in Delray Beach, we take our history seriously. It started back in the 1800s with Mr. Flagler and his oil money coming down here with trains and opening up commerce for fruit companies. And then there were gentlemen like Mr. Swinton, Mr. Linton, Mr. Boynton. (There was no Clinton in that mix).


These were big land-acquisition guys who started here back in the late 1800s and set the foundation for everything. In Delray Beach, we have a strong and vibrant African American history. Back in the early 1900s, there was a gentleman by the name of Solomon Spady, who was a prominent civic leader as well as an educator. Today if you haven't been by the Spady museum on NW 5th Avenue, make sure you stop and get a little flavor and sense of what Delray Beach is all about. When you're done, take a stroll down to Southwest fifth avenue. Folks who like barbecue pork and ribs, make sure you stop by Caesars Famous Ribs.


Number 14 are our pine trees. Who would think we'd have pine trees in the Tropics? First time I saw them I thought it was crazy. But here in Delray, and all throughout Florida, we have the Longleaf Pine, Spruce Pine, Slash Pine… and we even have the Japanese Black Pine tree. We don't use them as Christmas tree. But for those of you who think you wouldn't ever see pine trees in Florida, we've got pine trees everywhere.


And last, Delray Beach is a 3-time winner of the All-American City Award. That recognizes communities that leverage engagement, inclusiveness, collaboration, and innovation to address local issues. There have been 12 cities who have won three times and Delray Beach is one of those. And here's the cool thing. Once you become a resident of Delray Beach, you'll be like the rest of us - We Love Delray Beach,


Those are the top 15 things to help you become an expert about living in Delray Beach. Remember, folks are now contacting me on a weekly basis. So, please send me a text, an email, or give me a call.


I want to help you relocate or move to this area and ensure it goes as smooth as possible.

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