What Makes Delray Beach, Beach So Amazing

Dated: January 2 2021

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Want to know what makes Delray Beach, beach, so amazing?


A lot of you folks know that I'm from Southern California. Originally, I spent years as a child on Zuma, Leo Carillo, Malibu and Santa Monica beaches. Then relocated to Costa Rica for about 13 years with my wife and daughter. We lived right on the beach. So, I have a lot of Pacific Ocean experience. But now I've been in Delray Beach the last five years I can say – it’s amazing.


So, whether you're a beach person or not, whether you live near the beach or you're inland 10 or 15 minutes, the beach of Delray will be a an important part of your lifestyle.

Delray Beach Aerial


Let's start on any given morning. You can come from the south side or Linton Avenue. Once on A1A, go north about a half a mile. Or if you're coming through the heart of Delray Beach, you'll take Atlantic Avenue and go east. You'll run right into the beach. You can either go north or south and you're in the heart of Delray. There's parking at Sandoway House or a few blocks south at Anchor Park. And all along the A1A you can park - but make sure you get there early.


Walk past the boardwalk, through the natural and protected shrub and you’ll be greeted with blue cabanas and lounge chairs. You can rent a lounge chair from about $10 an hour, all the way up to the full package for a cabana for about $60 a day.

Beach Cabanas


Make sure you bring a hat and an umbrella because whether it's the winter or summer season the tropical sun here can get intense. Make sure that you're covered the right way. There are about 300 blue cabanas that go from the north side down to about lifeguard station number five.


As for the ocean – jump in! The coldest the water gets is between January and February. Then we get some cold spells and the ocean gets to the high 60s. Not bad. Gosh, in California the high 60s is about the warmest it’ll get in the summertime. But in the summer, Delray water gets pretty warm in the middle to upper 80s. It's tropical.


If you are someone who just wants to be tranquil and get away from other people and see what the locals do… head up to the north side. That's where you’ll see sailboats. There are less people up here. But if you're in the center and or southern area you’ll be part of the scene.


Here you can stand up paddleboard all over the place. But get there in the early morning hours when the wind has yet to arrive. If you’re a swimmer or if you want to snorkel on the south side, you have the old shipwreck which is about 150 meters off of the coastline. You’ll see a ton of fish.


And then around lifeguard five you have the volleyball courts. People are playing volleyball all year round. In the winter months is when the tournaments start. If you want to see some celebrities, that's a place where you want to be. As you can see from the north south side, there's all sorts of good activities for you enjoy.

Beach Volleyball

And if you need to take a break, bring you skateboard or roller skates. You can go up and down the boardwalk, get some exercise as it’s about one mile long.


For lunch, pop across the street. There’s Burger-Fi, La Luna Rosa, SandBar. Or stroll down Atlantic Avenue where you’ll have lots of eating options.


After you filled up from lunch and want to check out something different, take your family across the beach to the Sandoway House, or Sandoway Discovery Center. It’s a cool historic building. Here you can look at sharks and stingrays and kind of learn about our local nature and what's happening in our ocean. They have a lot of great education classes, too.


And for folks like my family who love keeping our beaches clean and helping reduce plastic consumption, they share neat ways you can help preserve and educate people about the importance of eliminating trash. We have beach cleanups throughout the year. If you’d like to participate in keeping our beaches clean, that's where you get information on how to help out.


If you want to learn to surf or do something new like kiteboarding, we've got that too.


Surfing in this part of Florida is interesting because 30 miles east of shore are the islands. They protect Delray Beach from the big swells. But during the winter months, when we get the North East swell coming down, the surf can be epic. Waves can be 10 to 14 feet, and they peel beautifully from north to south. It's a gorgeous “left” surf.


Bring your camera and take spectacular photos of our surf.

Delray Beach Surf


To learn to surf one company you might want to try out is Waves Academy. there's a couple of others, too. But if you have children who want to learn how to get on the water and learn how to get their “boat legs”, get on a surfboard or do some boogie boarding. Waves Academy has day camps you can put your kids in – they’ll have a great time.


And if you want to do something more adventurous like kiteboarding, summer months a little bit slow because the wind is down. But from September through our winter months, the winds blow – hard at times. The conditions are perfect! You should see some of the people out there kiteboarding It's awesome. One company to try is Delray Beach Kiteboard.


If you’re wondering what the beach conditions are like, head on over to www.delrayceach.gov.

When you get there and go up to the top right. You will see “I Want” icon. Go to the drop down then beach conditions. They have a live beach cam you can watch. You can get plugged into what's happening and get important information about rip tides and beach safety.


The beach in Delray has low rip tides throughout the year. So, it’s family safe. But, it's important to understand how to maneuver during rip tide season – don’t take this lightly.


The beach has lifeguard stations. Each day they put out different color flags: yellow, purple, red. it's important understand what type of current and type of conditions are at the beach. Make sure you pay attention to the lifeguard stations and get the local information on that website. Make safety a top priority.


So that's about it. I hope this was a useful tour of Delray Beach's, beach. Being a beach family, we spend a lot of sunrises on the beach of Delray. My wife, daughter and I go for Full Moons – there’s something magical about watching the moon come up over the Atlantic Ocean. I highly recommend you do this.

Beach Full Moon


The beach of Delray is becoming a destination like Ft. Lauderdale, Cocoa Beach and Vero Beach. It’s easy access and array of safe options for families makes it a beach you must check out when visiting our Village By The Sea…

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